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I was going to avoid Miss California, but…

Well, here goes anyway.  Christians are getting way too excited that somebody said something unenthusiastic about homosexual marriage and then suffered a setback for it.  There’s really less here than meets the eye (no, that’s not a pun about her meager clothing).  Her statement reflects the majority view of Californians that there’s nothing particularly wrong with homosexual marriage, but they’re just not quite ready to vote it in.

“Okay, Bro. Steve,” you ask.  “What did you want her to say?  A quote from Leviticus?”  Answer: No, nothing like that.  The problem is the setting.  Anyone who watched the pageant has now seen about as much of Carrie Prejean as her future husband ever will.  A contest where women compete on the basis of their sexuality is precisely the wrong place to offer any kind of moralizing about marriage.

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