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Electric revenue

I’m wondering when the public is going to awaken to the fact that the administration’s plans for the electric power system threaten extremely serious harm to the nation.  The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) estimates the physical investment in the so-called smart grid could top $165 billion.  The Democrats themselves are estimating carbon cap-and-trade at $646 billion.  Green-gadget energy will add even more cost.  Taken together, we’re probably talking about another trillion dollar burden on the economy.

At the end of this trillion dollars is… what?  You’ll have the same 120-volt, 60 Hz power you have now, only you’ll be paying three to five times the price.  It will still be mostly powered by coal, nuclear, and natural gas.  The extra money will be channeled through the utilities into the government for politicians to spread it around among their friends.  If these schemes make it through Congress, they would be the biggest tax increase under any form of government.  Ever.

Republicans?  Where are you on this?

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  1. Dad

    sent to Lamar Alexander

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