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Two covenants, one better than the other

The Bible contains descriptions of several different covenants involving God.  He made covenants with Noah, Abraham, the nation of Israel, and so on.  The covenant between God and Israel is called the old covenant because the Bible itself calls it that (Heb 8:13).

The old covenant dealt with sins through a system of ritual sacrifices, but the Bible says such sacrifices were not sufficient.  It says, “it is not possible that the blood of bulls and of goats should take away sins.” (Heb 10:4)

The new covenant has a different offering.  The Bible says Christ came as the perfect lamb of God (John 1:29) to “put away sin by the sacrifice of himself.” (Heb 9:26)  Under this new covenant, “we are sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all.”  (Heb 10:10)

The Apostle Paul explains how Christ took the blame for our sins in order to give us the credit for his holiness. (2 Cor 5:21)  The word for this kind of gift is grace.  It is freely given — yours for the asking.

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