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The end of juice

WITH electricity

WITH electricity

WITHOUT electricity

Full disclosure from the Other Brother Steve: I work for an electric utility at a nuclear plant, or as Mr. Bush used to say, a nuke-you-ler plant.  Now, it’s a plain fact that the country’s power generation is limited to the number of power plants that actually exist.  Liberals will stumble over the notion of “limits,” believing that anything desirable can be gotten for free with an executive order from the president, but trust me on this: Once you’ve used up all the power capacity, there isn’t any more.

Unless you build new power plants, that is.

And — again, trust me on this — there is a noisy, politically potent constituency organized around opposing every energy source you could name without exception.  And it doesn’t matter how stupid the objections are; even drooling idiots have a right to vote, so politicians have to give them a respectful hearing.

Do I have any examples? you ask, impatiently tapping your foot.  Well, yeah, a few.  For example, there have been quite a few proposals for burning poultry waste (polite name) to generate electricity.  As soon as the plans were announced for one such plant in North Carolina, the NAACP said, and I am not making this up, that burning chicky-doo would release arsenic into the environment.  Lemme see…. don’t we have to first feed arsenic to the chickens before we could get arsenic in the chicken exhaust?  If you were running a chicken house, would you feed your chickens arsenic?

Like I said, it doesn’t matter how absurd the objection is.  And did I mention that this discriminates against black people and the poor?  Yup, check the link, and I’ll bet you never saw that coming.

I’m wondering if this is the first time in the history of the whole universe that people have organized to deprive themselves of a commodity such as electricity.  By picking off energy alternatives one by one, the country is seriously restricting the growth in energy supply.  Meanwhile, Progress Energy of Florida just set a new record for peak power demand.  So much for the flaccid economy putting the brakes on growth in demand.

Hey, America!  Get a clue.  You aren’t hurting the power company by refusing to let them build any more plants.  They’ll just operate the ones they have as customers edge ever closer to the day when there won’t be enough juice to go around.  Even when that limit is reached, the power company will still be selling 100 percent of its product.

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