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Monthly Archives: March 2009

Has Michael Steele finished off the Pubbies?


Republican party chair Michael Steele told GQ magazine that abortion is a “choice,” which is Democratese for being pro-abortion. Now he’s trying to backtrack by saying he’s glad his mama was pro-life.  In the words of Randall the Lizard, “Yeah, uh-huh, sure.” Mr. Steele knows that millions of Christian voters support Republicans for only one […]

Integruptcy, Part 3


Free Lunch All your life you’ve heard it said that there is no free lunch.  You know what’s meant by that.  Whatever you get in life, somebody has to pay. But there are millions of Americans who truly believe there is a free lunch.  They grew up in the government schools eating lunch for free […]

Embryonic stem cell experimentation: Why not?


On principle Human beings are made in the image of God.  With each act of conception, that image is passed on.  To destroy the being thus conceived is to slay one who bears the God’s likeness. Christians do not argue this way because they have no democratic notion of compromise.  They argue this way because […]

Evolution adds nothing to real biology


Philip S. Skell writes in Forbes magazine on the fact that the theory of evolution has contributed nothing of substance to the actual advance of biological science.  He quotes from the discoverer of penicillin that Darwinist theory added nothing to him at all.  Read the whole article here, re-printed at Discovery Institute.

Behold, I come quickly


Jesus said, “If I go away, I will come again,” and this of course is our blessed hope (Titus 2:13).   A question the disciples asked was, “When? And what will be the sign of your coming?”  (Mt 24:3) In the broadest terms, Christ answered that there would come a time of declining conditions in virtually […]

Big, black eye


CBS is in financial trouble.  You have to wonder if their financial reports are fake but accurate.  Mainstream media such as CBS have exchanged their calling as the Fourth Estate to become a wing of the Democrat Party.  Nobody trusts them any more.

These maniacs are good!


Watch the piano player in the background.  He was not going to be left out.



Integruptcy – Part Two


Bankers have much to answer for in the current financial crisis.  They have a particular role in Western civilization, and speaking in generalities, many of them have failed in that role.  Their lack of integrity just may be the penultimate act that lowers the curtain on a free and democratic West. What’s a poor banker […]

Smart grid technology: Be very afraid


Utilities and Mr. Obama’s talking heads  are pushing what’s called “smart grid” technology as a partial solution to the energy problem.  A central feature of smart grid technology will allow utilities to vary prices for electricity throughout the day.  During times of highest load, prices will be highest.  During times when load is low, prices […]

Integruptcy – Part One


The banking crisis isn’t one.  It’s really an integrity crisis.  Sure, it’s the financial organ of the Western body that has the tumor in it, but the problem is the tumor, not the organ itself.  In Part One of this series, I’ll deal with the government.  Its role is the most complex and threatens the […]

Why free windpower will triple your power bill


It’s fashionable to promote green energy as the next big thing.  Wind power has captured the imagination of people because they can see big windmills turning and imagine free electricity. Actually, the electricity will cost you at least twice as much as what you’re paying now, probably more.  Here’s why. Modern wind turbines are astonishingly […]

Get on the good foot


Various news agencies reported a few days ago on a fossilized human footprint dated at 1.5 million years old.  Apparently they’re surprised to find the earliest humans “walked just like we do today and also had anatomically modern feet.”  Here’s a link to the news flash as reported by China’s Xinhua news agency.  You can […]

Obonics: Jopps


Jopps: noun, employment.  Example: employment in the environmental sector would consist of “greent jopps.”

Obonics: Punishment


Punishment:  noun, a human baby born alive not subsequently eliminated by a scheme to ensure the success of an abortion.