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God raised up judges

The book of Judges summarizes the pattern of the Israelites’ idolatry, divine chastisement, repentance, and restoration all followed by more apostasy.  Lather, rinse, repeat.  The whole thing looks stupid when viewed at a distance because sin is stupid.

But it doesn’t always look stupid when it’s going on.  Each generation no doubt had its apparently rational justifications for every step it took away from God, which is always toward something evil.

When they repented, the Bible says God “raised them up judges.”  (Jd 2:18) The term “judges” has an importance beyond merely a guy who presides over a court.  Under the old Mosaic system, the law was revealed by God, thus changeless, and thus there was no legislature.  No congress made new laws and no bureaucracy strangled the people with a kudzu blanket of regulations.  There was only the judge, and his mission was to apply existing law to Israel and, when necessary, to lead them in militarily expelling their enemies.

What’s important about this in Our Time is that it highlights the principal functions of government as God would have it be.  God has directed that governments enforce just law and protect the people they rule over.  That leaves a lot of territory unaddressed, and the unaddressed territory may be justly classified as “freedom.”  Any time government steps outside its proper bound, it must trample down freedom to do it.

Of course, the two areas of protection and enforcement are the two chief areas of our government’s neglect.  Let’s not forget that government, like the whole human story, unfolds before the unsleeping eye of the Almighty.  I feel fairly safe in forecasting that at the final judgment, the Lord will be revealed as generally opposing the destruction of life in the womb.  Our government simply walked off the job when it came to protecting unborn human life, and the righteous Judge may conclude that this justifies replacing our government with something else.  We would choke if we truly understood that the punishment will fit the crime, and after fifty million abortions… well, stand by for heavy seas.

The other area, that of enforcing just law, is just now coming under attack as never before.  It’s too early to say for sure, but the new administration seems bent on establishing for itself the power to abrogate laws and contracts at will rather than enforcing them.  Of course, this converts government into an instrument of anarchy-by-force.  When property rights are overthrown, it’s not merely a matter of hindering commerce or causing a decimal uptick in the unemployment stats.  Once you’ve lost the protection of the eighth commandment, you have lost all claim to a single crumb of food.

As I say, it’s too early to tell how far they’ll get.  And there are, I am very sorry to say, a great many foolish people in the Congress, some of them criminals, who have not a clue about what made America America and wouldn’t care if they did know.  And so our present, ah… vector does make the imagination to wander.   Maybe, possibly, perhaps… the new administration and the lawless outfall of its Marxist lunge for power, might just be America’s chastisement.

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