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Get on the good foot

Various news agencies reported a few days ago on a fossilized human footprint dated at 1.5 million years old.  Apparently they’re surprised to find the earliest humans “walked just like we do today and also had anatomically modern feet.”  Here’s a link to the news flash as reported by China’s Xinhua news agency.  You can find it also at Reuters and who knows where else.  The photo is linked from Reuters.

The Reuters write-up is interesting for its repeated expressions of surprise that the analysis shows the foot print was made by somebody who could not be distinguished from a modern human.  The writer said scientists “estimated the individuals were about 5-foot-9 in height” based on the length of the stride.

“It was kind of creepy excavating these things to see all of a sudden something that looks so dramatically like something that you yourself could have made 20 minutes earlier in some kind of wet sediment just next to the site,” archaeologist David Braun of the University of Cape Town in South Africa, one of the researchers, said in a telephone interview.

“These could quite easily have been made on the beach today,” Braun added.

I’m personally amazed that when scientists are doing actual science, which means just describing what they found, they end up sounding like creationists.  Here’s a human ancestor from way back when, and it’s just like us.  And that’s precisely what a creationist would have predicted they’d find.

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