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Fighting over money

The world’s financial shakers and movers are wanting to jettison the dollar as the world’s basic currency.  They have two reasons for this, I think.  First, the current administration seems intent on ripping off America’s creditors by making dollars worthless and then paying off debts with them.  The people to whom we owe several trillion dollars won’t take kindly to that, so they’re trying to bail out before Mr. Obama and his ministers can close the deal.  If they can get out in time, they’ll be able to shrug off whatever self-destructive, Marxist lunacy comes out of the Obama camp.

Second, and closely related, many of the people to whom he’s trying to do this are either competitors or outright hostile — China, Russia, OPEC countries, and so on.  Defrauding creditors by stiffing them with worthless dollars would be ruinous to them to the point of bringing down their governments.  Competitors or hostile countries seem to be interpreting  Mr. Obama’s economic policies as a form of cold war against themselves.

Don’t be surprised if the other nations would rather be the hammer than the nail.  They’ll fight back in kind and try to confine the ruin to the shores of these United States.  I don’t think they can succeed at confining the harm, but even if they fail, they can nonetheless knock America from her perch.  We won’t be a superpower if our money is printed in Brussels and Eurocrats are telling us how much we may have.


  1. Dad

    sent to white house

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  2. Dad

    also just sent to Pryor and Ross who at time call themselves conservative or “blue dog”. Didn’t bother with Lincoln. She isn’t call blank Lincoln without reason.

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