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Monthly Archives: March 2009

How to close the budget gap


The multi-trillion dollar federal deficit may not be such a big problem after all.  A friend of mine suggests that Mr. Obama need only nominate several hundred thousand more people to his cabinet.  Once all his nominees pay their back taxes, we should be back in the black again. HT: trr

Cross-dressing goes small town


Putting bitter for sweet A boy in Dunnellon, Florida, who claims he’s homosexual recently asked permission from one of his school teachers to attend school wearing girl’s clothing.  The news reports say she discouraged him from doing so but allowed him classroom time to address his classmates and get their opinion on the subject.  The […]

Free energy from the sun


Photovoltaic cells which convert sunshine directly into electricity have a place in the country’s mix of energy sources.  One of the best features of solar power is that it peaks just about the time summertime loads are greatest.  This helps offset solar’s high construction cost and comparatively low productivity because wholesale electric prices at peak […]

Poor Mr. Wagoner


I don’t know if Mr. Wagoner is a good guy or a bad guy in all the troubles at GM — just don’t know enough about GM.  But I know this: Whoever capitalizes a business gets to fire who they want.  The government is funding GM, and now Mr. Obama has declared that problems in […]

Two covenants, one better than the other


The Bible contains descriptions of several different covenants involving God.  He made covenants with Noah, Abraham, the nation of Israel, and so on.  The covenant between God and Israel is called the old covenant because the Bible itself calls it that (Heb 8:13). The old covenant dealt with sins through a system of ritual sacrifices, […]

When weird and smart come together


These people use large volumes of compressed air to launch pumpkins at amazing speeds.  The video title claims 900 mph, but that’s false.  The pumpkins will be subsonic, but they still go fast enough to thwack something.

Hiding in plain sight


God often runs the main story line of history’s narrative pretty much where nobody is looking.  Christmas is the best example of this.  But the Lord has been hiding things in plain sight for a long time, and that should fortify Christians against being despondent about current events or even their own personal situations.  Because […]

The end of juice


Full disclosure from the Other Brother Steve: I work for an electric utility at a nuclear plant, or as Mr. Bush used to say, a nuke-you-ler plant.  Now, it’s a plain fact that the country’s power generation is limited to the number of power plants that actually exist.  Liberals will stumble over the notion of […]

God raised up judges


The book of Judges summarizes the pattern of the Israelites’ idolatry, divine chastisement, repentance, and restoration all followed by more apostasy.  Lather, rinse, repeat.  The whole thing looks stupid when viewed at a distance because sin is stupid. But it doesn’t always look stupid when it’s going on.  Each generation no doubt had its apparently […]

Fighting over money


The world’s financial shakers and movers are wanting to jettison the dollar as the world’s basic currency.  They have two reasons for this, I think.  First, the current administration seems intent on ripping off America’s creditors by making dollars worthless and then paying off debts with them.  The people to whom we owe several trillion […]

Saving victims of moral arson


I read the other day about a famous TeeVee chef and her wife (sic) who are both pregnant by the same sperm bank depositor.  Lesbian #1 is carrying the in-vitro fertilized fetus of Lesbian #2.  Lesbian #2 has already given birth to the in-vitro fertilized fetus of Lesbian #1.  In Lesbian #2’s current pregnancy, eggs […]

Ocean temperature


The ARGO project for measuring the ocean temperature consists of 3000 free-floating ocean buoys scattered around the oceans of the world. It’s good to have data to work from, and I appreciate people trying to establish facts rather than just hopping aboard the global warming train without checking. But there’s a problem.  The surface area […]

Paul: “You should have listened.”


Shipwreck is the emblem of disaster.  Paul said he had suffered shipwreck three times (2 Cor 11:25) and used this term to describe apostates from the faith (1 Tim 1:19).  Shipwrecks happen when people disregard wisdom.  The bottom of the Gulf of Mexico is home to quite a few old Spanish ships that were overloaded […]

Anarchy on Planet Obama


Mr. Obama quit being all hopey and changey and became instead all snarky and angry because the AIG folks are getting bonuses under contracts signed before the bail-out funds were given to AIG.  He’s directed his aides to find a way to break those contracts.  Mr. Obama, a Harvard-educated lawyer, seems not to know that […]

Freedom, abused, is lost


The mainstream media spend a good deal of time these days lamenting the demise of newspapers.  Lots of papers are going bust, and for good reason.  For the past forty or fifty years, they’ve made leftwing activism the core business of “respectable” newspapering. Sure, it was their right.  But it was an abuse of their […]