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The north pole is melting! No… wait…

Another big mistake is being reported concerning mismeasurement of climate-related parameters.  This time, in something out of the Apocalypse, the sea ice wasn’t, and now is, but shant be again.  Check it out.  Bottom line is that all those stories you heard about the sea ice being gone from the north pole are wrong.  Oops.  Sorry.  Looks like the ice was there after all.

Remember, it’s been only a few weeks since NASA’s James Hansen dined upon crow over an even bigger mistake in which temperature measurements were just cut-‘n-pasted from a different time period.  Only it came to pass that these mistakes made October 2008 look hotter than it had ever been before.  For those not familiar with the politics behind all this, Hansen is Chief Adjutant Chaldean to the climate god, Al Gore.

Is anyone else wondering why these errors always seem to support global warming?  Another question: Why should we trust scientists who repeatedly make such sophomoric errors?

Seal desperately searching for vanishing sea ice

Desperate seal searching for vanishing sea ice while global warming makes water too hard to swim in

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