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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Why people kiss


To honor Darwin’s 200th, a nugget of Evolutionary Truth has just been handed down from the Olympian oracles on the cutting edge of evolutionary science: People kiss because they retain vestigial memories of red ripe fruit.  Sez New Scientist: The kiss may be a modern vestige of a love of fruit… inherited from our herbivore […]

But if not…


If you’re treading water in the shark tank, you’ll need to figure out early who the sharks are and where the limits are on relating to them.  They do bite, so battles will come.  Pick your battles wisely, and then understand what victory really looks like. The Hebrews couldn’t avoid realizing they were in dangerous […]

One trillion dollars


It’s been 2009 years since the birth of Christ, more or less, depending on which calendar dude you like best.  But never mind all that.  Let’s assume it’s been 2009 years. 2009 years x 365.24 days per year would equal 733,767 days. Let’s say your rich uncle left you enough to spend a million dollars […]

Gaia and the doomsday defense


The Dallas Cowboys used to have what they called the “doomsday” defense.  When they really had to stop a running play, they changed their line-up into whatever it was, and that’s what they called it.  Doomsday.  When something absolutely, positively has to be stopped. Something that may have escaped the notice of the general public […]

The Secular Man’s idols


Paul tells us “there be gods many, and lords many,” (1 Cor 8:5) which was certainly true in his day.  Most of us remember from middle school that Zeus was the foremost deity, and there were all the lesser gods and goddesses: Aphrodite the goddess of beauty, Poseidon who was the master of the oceans, […]

Lucky I have my universal translator


The Little Green Footballs web site is a good place to find information about the middle east without having to deal with the growing anti-Semitism in the mainstream media.  Unfortunately, the web site owner is also an energetic opponent of special creation.  Yesterday he posted an anti-creation quote from federal judge John Jones III which […]

Daniel in the lions’ den


The Old Testament obviously presents Christ in a great number of types and shadows.  He’s represented in Adam, Joseph, the law of Moses, the Hebrew calendar of feast days, Moses himself, Joshua, and so on.  Somewhere near the top of the heap of typology is the story of Daniel in the den of lions.  I’ll […]

PeeCee pathology


The new Secretary of Energy, Stephen Chu, demonstrates a few of the psychopathologies of PeeCee: 1.  He is an earnest believer in the wackjob theory about anthropogenic global warming (AGW), spouting portents of unspeakable doom with nothing to go on but his emotions and a few computer models that should have been used in a […]

They. Can. Not. Be. Serious.


Can you imagine striding through the ‘hood in a pair of these spiffy new Air Jordans?   It is impossible to sufficiently mock such supernaturally preposterous shoes.  They look like fruity lollipops with spats.

Welcome to a toddler nightmare


This thing is near-infinite revenge on your children for all their noise making toys.  Just wait till they have kids, then give each little tyke a Dewanatron from Nana and Papa.  It’s a little like setting off a nuke in their home, so it’s intensely satisfying.  Like the old Arab said in Ben-Hur, does it […]

Next year in Sodom


Peter Hitchens lifts the skirts on mother England and finds the homosexuals have been there and left wet scabs and running sores.  Read here, and then think about which way America is headed.

Picking heroes


Every culture has its heroes.  More often than not, the heroes stand as a sort of generalization.  They embody whatever is prominent about a culture, especially what the culture admires about itself.  The old Nazi philosophers believed their Führer was the perfect composite of the characteristics of das volk, the people.  In their theory of […]