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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Grandchild of desire


James 1:14-15 describes the mechanics of temptation.  It starts with our own desires, takes a middle step of pleasure, then finishes really heavy.  It’s a thing of price versus cost. Economists tell us there’s a big difference between the price of a thing and its cost.  The price of a new railroad is so many […]

Obonics: Investment


Investment: noun, “spending other people’s money in government programs.”  Mark Steyn observes that wasteful government spending can be re-cast as “investment” if its stated goal is stimulating the economy. HT:  Mark Steyn



Is TSA profiling old white women? I had to take an airline to Alabama a couple of days ago.  Just like all the sardonic jokes you hear, an old white woman in the line in front of me got pulled aside by TSA and subjected a pat-down search.  If there are data available on who […]

Lizard Man says creationist Republicans are dead meat


A curious anger Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs, an emotional opponent of any reminder that God made the world, today linked with another web site in hope of preemptively squashing the idea that a Republican who disagrees with him about creation might be elected to something important. Almost daily, Mr. Johnson makes it plain […]

Obonics: Capital injection program


Capital injection program:  noun phrase, roughly translates into English as, “give hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars to rich people who have become failures.”  Usage guide found in business article at this link.

Different stuff to grump about


Isn’t that what blogging is for? Carbon Dioxide Just a heads-up on the Obama Administration’s plan to have carbon dioxide regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency.  Every human activity without exception involves CO2.  Just the act of exhaling gives of CO2, but to pick a more realistic example, a change in your yard landscaping would  […]

Millennium question


The Book of Revelation mentions a period of 1000 years when Satan is to be bound in the abyss and the saints rule and reign with Christ.  (Rev 20:1-5)  The plain-language interpretation of the text takes this at face value and works to harmonize this with the rest of prophetic Scripture. There are those who […]

Another home run for Hitchens


Peter Hitchens describes Britain’s sickness and manages to explain much that is wrong with America. The cultural elite jeers at [Christians], militant atheists denounce religious education as a form of child abuse, people are threatened for doing or saying Christian things.  I think there’s a reason for this. The types who run our country and […]

The north pole is melting! No… wait…


Another big mistake is being reported concerning mismeasurement of climate-related parameters.  This time, in something out of the Apocalypse, the sea ice wasn’t, and now is, but shant be again.  Check it out.  Bottom line is that all those stories you heard about the sea ice being gone from the north pole are wrong.  Oops.  […]

First sermon, three points and a thwack


Luke 4:14-30 recounts the story of Jesus who, immediately following his victory over the temptation in the wilderness, went back to preach in his home town.  At first, the Bible says he was “glorified of all,” meaning everybody liked him.  I don’t know what he preached, but whatever it was pleased the crowd.  At first. […]

Support the Bro. Steve amendment!


No person who receives money from the government, except a refund of overpayment of taxes, shall be permitted to vote in the election following receipt of that money.

Mixing church with the guns of Navarone


The Democrats’ spendileptic convulsion is now law.  It’s worth a few words to think through the professed motives for it.  Most of it boils down to helping a neighbor.  The idea is that my neighbor is in a heap ‘o trouble because a predatory lender duped him, or he got a pink slip at work, […]

A primer on real-world temperature measurement


There is a particular design of nuclear plant called a boiling water reactor (BWR).  The name comes from the fact that the steam is generated inside the core rather than in a secondary loop using a steam generator.  Because of this design, BWRs require a tank of water called a suppression pool where the nuclear […]

Different earths?


On the same day Science Daily says global warming is even worse than we feared, the British Telegraph says January 2009 suffered record setting cold and warmed the hearts of global warming sceptics.  They prefer the ‘c’ to the ‘k’ for some reason.  Last month Maine reached the coldest temperature for that state… ever.  It […]

What’s next?


Now that the Democrats have had their first big spendileptic convulsion, we need to figure out what just happened.  So here’s the deal-ee-oh.  First, understand that only about half of American households actually pay federal tax.  The bottom half starts with a low enough percentage and gets enough breaks, credits, exemptions, etc., that its actual […]