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The glorification of Mr. Obama is getting weirder.  I happened to catch a bit of CNN last Monday and found their coverage surprising, even taking their leftism and my cynicism into account.  There was an ad for some special Obama gear they were hawking.  Their link to a video of Mr. Obama taking the oath of office is titled, “Obama raises hand, lifts a nation.” I remember Jesus lifting the lame, but lifting a nation takes things to a whole new level.  The L.A. Times quoted Malcolm Gladwell, “He is our first (in the best sense of the word) aristocratic president…  Bush was a buddy. Clinton was the kindly uncle. Obama is a prince.”  Got that?  A freakin’ prince.  Reporter Marcus Schmidt said he was in awe along with other reporters.  Of course it’s very old news that Chris Matthews had leg up-thrilling going on, but it still fits the pattern.

Cherrypicking creepy quotes from the internet will never convey the fever that has gripped the Obamanoids.  You just have to see it in the perpetual interviews of the man on the street who goes all goose bumpy about hope and change, the youth chanting or singing for him or ascribing some kind of life-change to his influence, which encroaches on religious territory.  Nearly a year ago, the New York Daily News quoted Jan Young, “‘It’s almost like the Messiah,’ she said at an Obama rally in Minnesota. ‘You feel something coming from him.'” And that’s obviously over the line into religion.

Something strange is going on, yes?

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