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Naboth for Congress

Christians are having difficulty figuring out which master to serve and on what basis.  They know they’re supposed to serve the Lord.  They also know they’re not supposed to be rebels against the state.  But they don’t know how to react when the state rebels against the commandments of the Lord.

This is the situation in which we find ourselves.  America’s government is practicing ever deepening levels of rebellion against the Lord and His anointed (Ps 2:2-3) in two critical areas, protecting innocent life and keeping its hands off people’s property.  Ahab’s crime against Naboth (1 Kings 21:1-29) is the archetype of misrule.  Killing and stealing is what criminal governments have always done, and these deeds are not sanctified by the fact that it’s the government doing them.

As America tilts ever more secular in its outlook, those who wield power seem to be in a state of feisty denial that God sets up and God puts down. (Ps 75:7, Dan 4:30)  So they trundle along commanding all manner of things which offend the Almighty, everything from abortion and unjust acts of war to counterfeiting money and confiscating people’s earnings.

Too often, unlearned Christians mistake the Secular Man’s statist usurpations for the authentic voice of the Lord.  What’s needed is a renewed understanding that God indeed does raise up rulers, but He does so for His purposes.  Governmental power is exercised in a just manner only when it remains inside the area God fenced off for it.

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