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Mississippi Fusion

This actually isn’t news.  About a year ago, Chinese President Hu visited a plasma physics and fusion research facility in Hefei, China.  The article caught my attention because that’s where my little girl was adopted.  That would have been of only passing interest except for something a Chinese  waiter told us in a restaurant in Baxley, Georgia.   We entered the restaurant with our daughter and she drew stares from the Chinese family that ran the diner.  The waiter came over asked where she was from, and we replied that she was from the province of Anhui.  He nodded, not approvingly, so we asked him if he knew anything about Anhui.  He wrinkled up his nose and said, “Anhui…  eece like you Mississippi.  Anhui eece veddy poor.”  Hefei, where the fusion research is going on, is in Anhui Province, the veddy poor Mississippi of China.

I don’t guess I have anything against Mississippi.  Mostly they have casinos there.  If you’re looking for a place to lose money, that’d be it.  No doubt there are other activities going on, but they appear to conceal them effectively.  Mississippi does have a NASA test facility down south, and around Vicksburg they have a Corps of Engineers research facility.  But these are more industrial in nature, not geared toward pushing the boundary of science.  If you’re going to study plasma physics in the United States, you go to someplace like Princeton which is located in America’s second richest state, New Jersey.  If you went to Mississippi for something like that, you’d get lonesome before somebody came to help with your project.

I’m thinking lately this means the United States needs to get on the ball.  Stuff like this is happening all over China.  Obviously the cultural centers are booming.  But hundreds of miles from the cultural centers, they’ve recently started generating electricity from the largest hydro project on earth, and even in the Mississippi of China you can find smart people doing amazing things like plasma physics.  America can’t keep being the world’s leading technological power by creating an economy of hand-outs and bail-outs and importing everything that’s hard to make on our own.  The coming wave of power plant construction will benefit foreign powers more than us because the United States no longer has the industrial capacity to make many of the major components such as reactor vessels, electric generators, steam generators, and power transformers.  Too much of our economy is devoted selling hamburgers, Viagra, and movies made by freaks.  We need to get back to work.  That’s Bro. Steve’s economic plan.

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  1. The reason I thought you might want to do a thing on the current economic crises (other than this one) is because it is rooted in moral chaos from main street to Washington to Wall street.

    Washington sold it’s soul for power by removing widely recognized sound lending practices and by encouraging FHLMC abd FNMA to buy the resultant bad loans so that everybody on main street could get financing with no questions asked. Main street readily jumped at the chance for easy money for a big house whether they could afford it or not. Wall street jumped at the chance to convert the bad loans into derivatives, squirrelling away millions in fees and profits as they sold the derivatives to greedy bankers all over the world who jumped at the chance for a higher rate of return. No reason not to. The government had given an implicit guarantee on all mortgage backed securities issued by either entity.
    It all amounted to a huge stimulus package from the
    government which resulted in $200,000.00 houses selling for a million with people buying them for nothing down. What in the world did they expect to happen. And Washington hasn’t learned a thing, they are still trying to stimulate more. Where will it all end. Armageddon maybe. Time will tell.

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