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Evolution can’t torque a flange

I was talking to a non-Christian friend about the subject of creation.  To show how foolish the idea of creation is, he quoted to me something which creationists have been saying for a long time.  “You creationists say that life forming by evolution is like a tornado blowing through a junkyard and turning the junk into a Boeing 747 aircraft.”   And then he said, “But if you give it long enough, it will!”

The Christian’s response is, No, it won’t, not ever, and here’s why.  A complex machine like a 747 aircraft is more than just pieces loosely sorted into the right order.  The pieces are made of highly specialized materials and construction processes.  For example, the special metals in the bolts, nuts, wings, turbine blades, and shafts have unique properties.  Some of the materials have to be heat treated in particular ways.  A high strength bolt might be heated to 1000 degrees F. for a certain number of minutes, then briefly cooled, then re-heated to a different temperature for a different hold time.  If any mistake is made in the heat treating process, the material will be too weak and fail in service.  The bolts must also be tightened by a set amount and in a certain sequence to prevent warping critical components.  Many are then safety-wired in place.

In like manner, the hydraulic fluids in the control system have to function at extreme pressures (above 2500 psi) and retain their fluid properties over a wide range of temperatures from -100 degrees F to +400 degrees F.  The hydraulic lines must be “bled” to remove all air bubbles, then kept free of debris and chemical contaminants by use of special filters.  The tiniest piece of grit can jam a servo and wreck the plane.

For a tornado to take care of all this isn’t just unlikely; it is impossible.  No unguided natural processes exist that can produce all the specialized materials and cut them to the right dimensions.  Neither can unguided natural processes complete the assembly in the correct order with the right specifications of everything from bolt torque and wire crimps to tire inflation pressure.  So it isn’t just improbable.  It is impossible without an intelligent designer who exploits knowledge to act with a goal in mind.

And the technology in a Boeing 747 is nothing compared to the incredible sophistication of a living, breathing cockroach.  A Creator of infinite genius designed all this, even the cockroaches.  It’s not the devil in the details, but God.  Evolution is a fairy tale for people who wish there was no God.  But there is.

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  1. Mom

    Your friend didn’t tell me where the junkyard came from. A friend in Sunday School told us about a men who said to God that he could make a man out of dirt just like God did. God told him to go ahead. The man started to reach for a fistful of dirt but God said “Uh uh? Get your own dirt!”

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