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A preacher who prayed well

This post is actually expanded from a comment I left at Blog and Mablog.  Doug Wilson was fermenting about Rick Warren’s upcoming invocation at Mr. Obama’s inauguration.  The occasion positively craves to be a make-nice, squishy-squeezy, group hug kind of thing loaded with puppies and kittens.  The deity of the Obama-nation (!) is the one Leonard Ravenhill referred to as the Mush God,  Protector of the Buddy System.  This all brought to mind a preacher friend of mine from Georgia, Jerry Lightsey, who visited a wonderful, theonuclear destruction upon just such an ecumenical moment when he was asked to offer a public prayer.

We were at a company safety meeting when the Factory Safety Potentate called on Jerry, a Primitive Baptist pastor, to pronounce an invocation — which hadn’t been done before at this Fortune 500 company. Woo… risky.  Somebody could get all touchy and emote negatively or something.  The ACLU or NPR might hear.

The Sword of the Spirit, by Jeff Haynie

"The Sword of the Spirit," by Jeff Haynie

So Jerry stood in the cafeteria where maybe 300-400 were present, took off his hat, and he prayed.  Just to make sure the heathen got the message, he used the phrase, “Lord Jesus Christ our Savior” twenty or thirty times, no kidding.  He thanked God all kinds of ways for His sovereign Lordship, acknowledged that there is exactly one true God, praised the Christ of Calvary, and on and on it went.  In an odd, backhanded sort of way, I’m proud to say that’s the last safety meeting where we ever had an invocation.

First time out, they mistakenly called on a real man of God thinking he’d “understand” the ecumenical nature of the situation and offer a verbal milksop to the god of Miss Manners or something.  But they got their ears blown back, and that was that.  It was a beautiful moment in my mind’s eye.

I shall never forget a preacher who prayed well enough that the heathen said, “Don’t ever let him do that again!”  When I grow up, I want to be like Jerry Lightsey.


  1. Dad

    Hang in there!

    Incidentally “Daniel in a Shark Tank” is now a category- a supposed oops. Hope you don’t mind me calling these things to your attention.

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  2. admin

    I’ve made “Daniel in the Shark Tank” a category, yes. One of the unique features of his life is that he had to live as a man of God in a place where that made him a minority of one. How he got along in that environment tells us about how we need to be living in our time. You can click on that category and find all the related articles. Supposed to, anyhow.

    Posted on 17-Jan-09 at 21:39 pm | Permalink
  3. Dad

    Okay, I think I’ve got it.

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