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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Naboth for Congress


Christians are having difficulty figuring out which master to serve and on what basis.  They know they’re supposed to serve the Lord.  They also know they’re not supposed to be rebels against the state.  But they don’t know how to react when the state rebels against the commandments of the Lord. This is the situation […]

Evolution can’t torque a flange


I was talking to a non-Christian friend about the subject of creation.  To show how foolish the idea of creation is, he quoted to me something which creationists have been saying for a long time.  “You creationists say that life forming by evolution is like a tornado blowing through a junkyard and turning the junk […]

More monkey business in Louisiana


You may have read that Louisiana has passed a new law on the teaching of evolution and creation.  Whoopee If you’ve been reading A View from the Altar, you know that I believe God created the heavens and the earth.  On the other hand, battling this out in the government school classroom is not a […]

Tree of knowledge


This tree obviously stood intact for millions of years without being eaten by termites, fungus, or decay while layers of rock accumulated around it. If that stretches your imagination a bit too far, there is an alternative explanation.  Maybe the tree was buried in layers of mud during Noah’s Flood.  Then the layers of muck […]

Babylon seen by faith


Antony van Leeuwenhoek didn’t invent the first microscope.  But he figured out a method of grinding and polishing lenses to make them much more powerful.  He used one of his improved microscopes to examine the saliva of old men and reported seeing “an unbelievably great company of living animalcules, a-swimming more nimbly than any I […]

One man army


We need to put this guy near Osama Bin Laden’s cave.  All he needs is somebody to hand him a newly loaded shotgun every two or three seconds. Here’s the same guy shooting with an attitude.



The glorification of Mr. Obama is getting weirder.  I happened to catch a bit of CNN last Monday and found their coverage surprising, even taking their leftism and my cynicism into account.  There was an ad for some special Obama gear they were hawking.  Their link to a video of Mr. Obama taking the oath […]



When Daniel became Nebuchadnezzar’s principal advisor, he still remembered who his real friends were.  Maybe this was partly his cynical judgment of what kind of men were in the king’s court.  They were nasty, nasty and eventually tried to murder him.  Like Jesus, Daniel knew what was in man. But the heavier factor is that […]

A preacher who prayed well


This post is actually expanded from a comment I left at Blog and Mablog.  Doug Wilson was fermenting about Rick Warren’s upcoming invocation at Mr. Obama’s inauguration.  The occasion positively craves to be a make-nice, squishy-squeezy, group hug kind of thing loaded with puppies and kittens.  The deity of the Obama-nation (!) is the one […]

Daniel: Self-promoter not


By any standard, Daniel was a remarkable man of historic stature.  Clearly a man of powerful intellect, he surpassed all the official wise men of Babylon.  God also equipped him with supernatural gifts, revealing dreams as Joseph had done, and later receiving revelation directly from the Lord’s emissaries.  In the secular realm, his rule over […]

Interpreting the Constitution


Congress established a special court to hear cases involving intelligence matters.  One of the matters it recently reviewed is the constitutionality of wiretapping Americans on the say-so of the executive branch without the pesky step of having to get a warrant signed by somebody from the judicial branch.   Concerning this matter, the fourth article of […]

Commuting problems


Florida has a lot of really slow drivers.  I’m thinking something like this could motivate the slower ones to get on down the road.  It could improve commute times and may boost car sales a bit.  Just one more economic stimulus plan offered by Bro. Steve.  You’ll thank me when the roads are clear.

Mississippi Fusion


This actually isn’t news.  About a year ago, Chinese President Hu visited a plasma physics and fusion research facility in Hefei, China.  The article caught my attention because that’s where my little girl was adopted.  That would have been of only passing interest except for something a Chinese  waiter told us in a restaurant in […]

Zionism, new enemy for angry Christians


The Moslems seem to stay in a state of rage about Zionism, the Zionist entity, and Zion the Root of World Conflict.  Usually they can’t bring themselves to say “Israel.”  Lately, some Christians have taken to writing similar hair-on-fire internet harangues against Zionism.  Israel is seen as the new Satan on the world scene, raping, […]

A good boss


I was working on a job at a nuclear power plant that required a lot of support from laborers.  The job was to remove a 1000-hp motor from a basement in a reactor building, hoist it up several floors, clean it up, mount it on a shipping platform, and wrap it in giant industrial Saran […]