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Rule of gangsters

The Bible says that when the wicked bear rule, the people mourn.  The violent tyrannies of recent history have been exactly this, the rule of gangsters, criminals, thugs of every stripe.  Think of the miserable people who suffered through the old Soviet system, a thoroughgoing reign of criminals, waiting on it to finally collapse.  Perhaps the most malignant government of crooks is today in Zimbabwe, although the clashing of feudal thieves in Somalia is competing for max badness.  At least there isn’t a cholera outbreak in Somalia.

In recent history, gangsters have ruled all or part of several Central and South American states, portions of Mexico, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and various pieces of the Soviet Union after its break-up.  There’s a generally accepted internet rule that the first person to mention Hitler in a debate automatically loses.  So I’ll mention him next to last.  The Nazi regime was famously populated with crooks.

Near the bottom of the heap is the pitiful population of Palestine where shockingly foolish voters elected terrorists and received a government of, surprise!, terrorists.  Rockets have been faithfully launching toward Israel, though not always reaching their intended target.  Today, Hamas rockets accidentally killed two little Palestinian girls.  Hamas terrorists are not only evil, but incompetent; they can’t even murder who they’re supposed to be murdering.  Widely circulated news reports say that Egypt and Saudi Arabia have lately been dropping hints Israel-ward to the effect that if Hamas were obliterated, nothing would be offered in retaliation.  We should of course expect a few Jew-hating words to mollify the ever tumultuous “Arab street.”  The most atrocious thing Israel could to the Palestinians is to let things go on as they are until the entire society, led by gangsters, degenerates into whatever is at the rock bottom of the ugliest side of human nature.

The rule of gangsters presents obvious concerns for the United States, especially in light of the Blagojevich affair.  So far none of this has implicated Mr. Obama himself, though many have wondered aloud how he could have risen so high and so quickly through the Chicago slime machine without it touching him.  Regardless of your feelings toward the incoming administration, you need to be praying that early appearances of non-connection are true and keep staying that way.  Last time we had a leftist promise the most ethical administration in history, we ended up with arguably one of the worst.

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