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Monthly Archives: December 2008

You can’t make this up


The global warming hoax continues to serve the purpose of demonstrating the schoolboy’s definition of faith as “believing in something you know isn’t true.”  Check out this astonishing quote from an article by the Associated Press: Ironically, 2008 is on pace to be a slightly cooler year in a steadily rising temperature trend line. Experts […]

Preacher hit a home run


Ray Cortese, the pastor at Seven Rivers Presbyterian Church really delivered a potent sermon today on the subject of Christian perseverance.  He cut the Scripture straight, brought out some of his own meditations which you wouldn’t get from just reading the Bible in English, knocked over a couple of Baals about Christmas, and encouraged the […]

Atomic sized anachronism causes problem big as Texas


A recent article published over at Answers in Genesis highlights a difficult problem for any model of the earth which assumes it’s millions or billions of years old.  Carbon-14 atoms are routinely found where they should not exist.  They’re found in the fossils of living creatures that are way too old; and they’re found in […]

An honest crook


Bernard Madoff told investigators there was no innocent explanation for the missing $50 billion.  He said he’s broke and expects to go to jail.  How about that?  An honest crook.  Maybe they’ll put Blagojevich in the same cell with him to provide a good influence.

Heaven to earth: Can you hear me now?


As I write this, Gov. Blagojevich is still saying he’s not going anywhere. Blagojevich’s chief of staff was indicted and quit. Mr. Obama promptly went on the defensive, claiming that nobody from his office had contacted Blagojevich. It now turns out there’s a chance that was not quite correct, and maybe, possibly somebody might have […]

Gambling addiction


Years ago, before state governments everywhere entered the so-called gaming business, gambling addiction was considered a bad thing.  Now it’s a good thing because it’s a highly effective method for states to recoup expenses targeted for the poor.  The poor get the money in various assistance programs, then they give much of it back through […]

Call me prejudiced, but…


We went to the mall the other day and passed by the kiosk where the young men were marketing cell phones, phone plans, and accessories.  The guy running the place had his lips pierced along with both ears.  Call it morbid curiosity, but one cannot help wondering what else is pierced.  There’s no way I’m […]



Joseph, Jeremiah, Daniel, Paul and others were imprisoned unjustly.  Mostly it was direct persecution for righteousness’ sake.  Daniel, on the other hand, was carried away captive as a youth because he was swept up in the overthrow of his nation.  Mordecai warned Esther not to think that her position as queen would protect her from […]

Like cows in the field


My fiddling around with people on the internet has shown me that there’s one question a liberal will generally never answer: “How much taxation is enough?”  Or to phrase it differently, I’d like liberals to name a percentage, any numerical figure at all, concerning which they’d be willing to say is enough.  And if the […]

Thinking of what we could not imagine


Some things are so far outside our assumptions that we can’t think the thought.  Biologist J.B.S. Haldane has been credited with the quip that the world is “not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose.” He was talking about the natural world which, at the extremes of size both large and […]

Revenue thorazine


No surprise, Christians are divided liberal and conservative.  On the issue of taxes, the liberals are saying, “Watch out with that anti-tax rhetoric, there, Bro. Steve. Gotta watch that. Don’t get crazy. Jesus paid His taxes.  So must we.” And this is spoken as if the Bible taught nothing else about the duties and limitations […]

How much more their fulness!


The title comes from Romans 11:12.  Paul acknowledges that the Jewish nation had rejected the Lord Jesus but says the nation will eventually change its mind and receive Him.  “All Israel shall be saved,” he says. When the Jewish nation rejected Christ, the Lord redirected His grace to the Gentiles.  Paul says God had planned […]

He is a son of Abraham


A blog is not the right place to explain at length the biblical view of the destiny of the Jews.  Suffice to say that Satan hates them (much as he hates everyone) and Jesus does not.  In this regard, they fit Rick Blaine’s description of Captain Renaud as being the same as any other people […]

Lickety split


The linked video gives you occasional glimpse at how fast this guy is.  Note the bicycle riders in the background and look at their speed, and realize they’re only keeping up with him.  He averages 4:43 or so per mile doing a marathon.  Very, very few amateur runners ever make a five minute mile.  Me […]

Mr. Obama and the Ivy League Swoon


For those impressed with the Ivy League puffery that seems to radiate from Mr. Obama’s hallowed presence, Powerline offers a break from the fantasy. Here’s a list of the Ivy League connections from the Bush administration: Don Rumsfeld (Princeton); Steven Hadley (Cornell, Yale Law School); Elaine Chao (Harvard MBA); John Ashcroft (Yale, University of Chicago […]