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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Rule of gangsters


The Bible says that when the wicked bear rule, the people mourn.  The violent tyrannies of recent history have been exactly this, the rule of gangsters, criminals, thugs of every stripe.  Think of the miserable people who suffered through the old Soviet system, a thoroughgoing reign of criminals, waiting on it to finally collapse.  Perhaps […]

Daniel in the Ignoramus’ Den


Daniel Chapter 2 tells the story of King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. The king couldn’t remember his dream upon awakening, so he called the Chaldeans and astrologers because they claimed the ability to divine secrets. When they couldn’t tell the king what his dream was, he ordered them all executed. (Tough boss!) The king’s dragnet swept up […]

What kind of mind thinks of these things?


The news media keep dribbling out information about the economic stimulus package.  It’s going to be big.  It’s going to be bold.  The administration plans to spread around about a trillion dollars. Naturally, Mr. Obama has some goals built into the spending package.  Mostly he wants the economy to get stronger, which we all do.  […]

God the Father or Allah the Sterile?


Some pugnacious Moslems have advertised one of the shortcomings of their deity by going to Nazareth during the Christmas season and posting a banner declaring that Allah has no son.  By the testimony of his worshipers, Allah is sterile and childless. There is probably no better way to convince people that the God of the […]

Common sense guidelines for choosing your pagan name


The great thing about the internet is the ready access to the moonbat side of humanity.   You can learn to use your pagan birth number (Woden has his own Social Security program?) to create a supplement for your pagan name.  Or you could use their spiritual guidelines for naming your baby.  Give your kid a […]

Pumpkin slayers


Know when to fold ’em


Unable to accept how his fame vanished, Dan Rather keeps trying to give life to a mannequin by inflating it with hot air.  National Public Radio aired a report today in which Mr. Rather defends the documents supposedly showing that George Bush was absent from his post during his military service and that political pressure […]

Lotta water


Peter prophesied that a hallmark of the end time would be wilful denial of the flood. (2 Pe 3:5)  No surprise, we’re there.  Secular people devoutly resist the idea of a God who would judge with force. The game must surely be daunting for them.  Earth is covered with liquid water, a feature you don’t […]

Faith, then works


National Public Radio aired their weekly program Speaking of Faith in which Jewish guest Scott-Martin Kosofsky explained that Judaism is all about doing.  You must do good works before you can even get going on Judaism’s simple beliefs.  To emphasize this, Kosofsky pointed to the simplicity of Jewish belief as set forth in the Shema, […]

Making ourselves look dumb


Years ago, I got into hot water by stating unfavorable opinions about the Sunday School literature published by the Southern Baptist Convention.  I have not changed my opinions.  The literature is arguably worse today than it was in 1988 when I first raised this issue at my local church.  It is infected with trendy, faddish […]

Cain still not all that happy about Abel


Genesis says the first man, Cain, murdered the second man, Abel. Both were sons of Adam, but only one was a son of God. Cain is the unregenerate, earthbound man jealous of his spiritual brother. Cain is false religion with an offering of toil, but Abel is true religion offering a lamb. Again, Cain is […]

The world just tilted a little bit east


After all the international dawdling over piracy near Somalia, China has decided to go over there and adjust some attitudes.  It’s about time somebody did.  The Captains of the West, distracted by financial matters, have neglected their duty of protecting the people under their care. There’s a lesson here.  As China has moved toward freedom, […]

Global warming knocks China cold


Or… not.  China is expecting a cold wave .  Today Las Vegas got snow, by some accounts the largest accumulation in decades.  Here’s a prediction which I’m betting will be more accurate than the weather forecast: The true believers in AGW will keep the faith.  They will still be cursing CO2 when the tundra extends […]

The murky future of waterboarding


This link to Powerline presents a short video of Vice President Cheney flatly stating his opinion that waterboarding of certain Al Queda prisoners was the right thing to do.  I disagree with him a lot, but I appreciate his candor.  Cheney’s monotone, no-nonsense talk will be sorely missed over the next few years. I was […]

Thinking aloud about really ugly war


Under divine mandate, Joshua waged wars of absolute annihilation.  This has, of course, been urged against the Judeo-Christian outlook as an example of its barbarity.  It does raise the question of what kind of situation could justify such an extreme manner of war.  And just to make things more difficult for the apologist, we must […]