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Revenge of the Quaalude Men!

The Islamic war against the West continues, this time on Indian soil in Mumbai (formerly Bombay). News reports say that Islamic attackers targeted Americans and Britons, singling out people with English or American accents and killing them, although it’s not yet known if any Americans were actually killed.

So far, the Captains of the West are rather subdued about it. President Bush offered condolences to the victims’ families and said that the U.S. government would continue to monitor the situation. That statement came after he pardoned a turkey and left for Camp David. As of the morning of November 27, the section of the White House web site devoted to the war on terror still contained no mention of the attack.

Mr. Obama’s spokeswoman issued a statement from the High and Most Dread Office of the President Elect about how this attack demonstrated the need for urgent and grave… I forget the rest.  Something neither audacious nor hopeful.

With scores of people murdered in cold blood by pagan gangsters, one longs for an utterance by Western leaders more in keeping with the imprecatory psalms. David called his enemies poisonous snakes and foresaw the day when the righteous would wash their feet in the blood of these wicked. (Ps 58) Israel’s call to war against the Canaanites went along these lines, “You shall conquer them and utterly destroy them. You shall make no covenant with them nor show mercy to them.” (Dt 7) There is one over-the-top statement where the psalmist says, “Blessed is the one who dashes your little ones against the rocks!” (Ps 137)

These are not words for occasions of mild displeasure, as if the government were populated by PETA types who pronounce themselves “devastated” at the sight of a leather shoe.

But at some point we expect something more than colorless, odorless, tasteless understatements penned by lobotomized functionaries without souls. The trumpet has given an uncertain sound, and no one has prepared for war. Citizens!  To the ramparts of the mall!

And yet the war is here, and radical Moslems will not sue for peace of their own accord. While we expect the government to bear the sword on behalf of those it is charged to protect, the church actually has the more serious role. Mere force won’t eradicate a murderous ideology that has metastasized all over the globe. It must be replaced by the Gospel of peace, and indeed we have brothers and sisters on the front lines of the Middle East right now assaulting the Moslem world with the sword of the Spirit. Will you not urge them to victory before the throne of grace?

God’s people must then apply pressure from both ends.  Let your rulers know that replying to an act of war with bland, muted criticisms is a moral outrage.  Second, the church must redouble her efforts to evangelize the world.  God loved His enemies and sent the Son for their redemption.  The church must renew her resolve to honor that gift.  Hearts blackened with pagan malice must be flooded with the light of the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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