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Expected yet disappointing.

Feh.  The White House has finally issued a statement on the Islamic war against Mumbai.  To nobody’s surprise, yet to the disappointment of honest people everywhere, the Islamic connections of the perpetrators didn’t get a mention.  It’s understandable on a couple of lines of reasoning why the President would refrain from naming the threat.  He’s in his closing days in office, so why stir up passions now?  Besides, the intelligence community is leaking reports all over the place that something big is in the offing.  Second, these people will come and get you if the thought strikes them.  I don’t profess to know anything about White House security, but one can imagine that an assault as big as that in Mumbai might overwhelm White House defenses.  Maybe not… but who’s up for trying it?

So the statement is, as we described in The Revenge of the Quaalude Men, another inoffensive blurb with no salt, no sugar, and no transfats.  And for sure no vinegar.

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