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Monthly Archives: November 2008

What did his mama feed him?


Hicham El Guerrouj from Morocco is the current world record holder in the mile.  He can scat! He’s #56, running near the front of the pack until late in the race when he and another guy smoke everybody.  I’ve been an avid runner all my life, but now that I’m getting older and fatter and […]

Voldemort. There, I said it.


“Terrorists have no religion,” declares an editorial in the Times of India.  “Political bickering on this issue is divisive; what India needs now is unity.”  So, radical Islam had nothing to do with the mass murder in Mumbai, and we’re not going to discuss it. Liberal American PeeCee foolishness has unplugged the minds of opinion […]

Grace isn’t fair. It’s way better than that.


Matthew 20:1-16 The situation here is that work needs doing.  According to the custom of the day, the owner of the vineyard goes to the local labor pool, hires whomever is standing there with the agreement that the pay will be a “penny” for a day’s work.  The “penny” in your KJV is the well-known […]

Expected yet disappointing.


Feh.  The White House has finally issued a statement on the Islamic war against Mumbai.  To nobody’s surprise, yet to the disappointment of honest people everywhere, the Islamic connections of the perpetrators didn’t get a mention.  It’s understandable on a couple of lines of reasoning why the President would refrain from naming the threat.  He’s […]

These kids can sing


The video is a remembrance of the holocaust.  The audio is Be Still, My Soul, mostly a capella.  The name of the boys’ choir is Libera.

PC follies


Powerline has a nice example of how political correctness makes the news media go stupid when they’re trying to be smart.  As a general rule, distortion occurs when news reporting attempts anything other than stating the bare facts relevant to a story.  And when was the last time you heard a news report from the […]

Revenge of the Quaalude Men!


The Islamic war against the West continues, this time on Indian soil in Mumbai (formerly Bombay). News reports say that Islamic attackers targeted Americans and Britons, singling out people with English or American accents and killing them, although it’s not yet known if any Americans were actually killed. So far, the Captains of the West […]

Desensitization Therapy for Islamophobes


The religion of peace slogan has fallen somewhat into disuse of late.  Perhaps it will be revived now that a tribe of Moslem fanatics has staged an assault on the city of Mumbai, slaying over a hundred.  So far the intrepid Captains of the West have been fairly quiet about it.  Possibly they’re remembering Theo […]

Daniel and the Great Depression


My daughter and I read through the story of Daniel and his friends refusing the king’s food, and it got me thinking about the role of faith in the life of the Christian. Daniel’s people didn’t lose an election or even an economic depression.  They lost a war of invasion, and their conquerors carried them […]

Tails Wagging at the WaPo


You’d think the mainstream press would worry about continuing to be viewed as a poodle for Mr. Obama.  But you’d be mistaken if you did.  How long will it be before this pooch is too embarrassed to be seen in public? Obama’s campaign showed us a candidate of maximum cool…  It’s now clear that he […]